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Hi Stefan, We love the pucks... and so do the dogs. We call them two bite brownies as our dogs take 2 bites and then swallow. They are convenient, low packaging and easy to measure out.... We could probably use another 40lbs next week. 


...All the negative reasons to not use raw are removed. There is no mess, no bags to cut, no patties to pry apart with a knife, no raw meat or blood dripping in my fridge. Very convenient, easy to divide and love the easy packaging...

Tessa is loving the food. It seems she woofs it down before the bowl hits the floor!! 

Thank you for your information. Nike seems to really enjoy them. He ate a whole puck without any hesitation! Thank you so much for the great food. I am so impressed with the ingredients!

Both dogs dogs have responded very well to the new food and have no problems cleaning up their bowls! The other nice thing about these is that they are in individual portions which makes it easy for serving.

Last batch was great (Our friends were puppy sitting for us and they were surprised at how good the dog food smelled, they were joking about putting it on the BBQ and eating it themselves). Could we get another 3 boxes?

Thank you Stefan for such a great product!  We have 3 large dogs, one of whom is a 1 1/2 year old golden retriever, Bella.  Bella started getting bad ear infections at about 7 months old and after a couple of vet visits we learned that dogs have allergies and food sensitivities much like humans and that her diet could be to blame for the ear infections. We have always used a high quality brand dry dog food but when we heard about Artisan Raw from Stefan we decided we would give it a try. We had heard of raw food but didn't realize there was a product with easy packaging and pre-made portions. Bella had been on the food only a few days when we started to see the ear infection becoming less red and inflamed, and in a week it was cleared up.  We have continued to feed Artisan Raw to all our dogs since then and Bella has not had another ear infection! All our dogs love it - even our older dog who is a picky eater!  The raw food has saved us more vet bills for Bella and she does not have to have ear medication every day of her life!  Thanks again!"
-Jen and Kai

Things are going great! No more itching, no more dandruff, no more diarrhea, and her hair has stopped trying to abandon ship! And may I say, you've got your reorder radar down pat! It's that time, and I'd love to order another complete meal. I'm out of town tomorrow night, but am around Thursday and Friday evening. Would either of those nights work for you? Thanks again!